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RCC Jacking Pipe Manufacturer


Welcome to Kalokhe Pipes and precast industries- Your Trusted Jacking Pipe Manufacturer in Pune, India.

Are you looking for high-quality jacking pipes that satisfy the requirements of contemporary jacking systems? There's nowhere else to look! With years of industry expertise, Kalokhe Pipes and Precast Industries appears as a leading jacking pipe manufacturer in Pune, India, dedicated to providing exceptional RCC jacking pipes tailored to your unique demands.

RCC Jacking Pipes: What Are They?

Large jacking loads are supported by robust cylindrical constructions known as reinforced concrete jacking pipes (RCC). These are very well-made pipes that are necessary for many underground projects. For oil and gas pipelines, subterranean metro tunnels, and trenchless utility crossings, they offer a reliable and strong alternative.

Where do RCC jacking pipes get their main use?

Numerous uses are found for RCC jacking pipes, including:

  • Tunneling and Pipe Jacking: In subterranean construction projects where conduit or pipeline installation is necessary without open-cut excavation, RCC jacking pipes are frequently utilized. Pipe jacking is a technique that minimizes disturbance to the surface by pushing or jacking pipes into the earth. We also use cable trench covers for safety and accessibility in underground cable installations.
  • Subterranean metro tunnels: Ensuring seamless communication in metropolitan environments by providing a robust and dependable infrastructure for metro tunnels
  • Trenchless utility crossings: These reduce environmental impact by enabling the installation of utilities including gas, water, and sewage lines without disturbing the surface.
  • pipelines for oil and gas: guaranteeing the efficient and safe movement of oil and gas via safe

Why Choose Kalokhe Pipes and precast industries for Jacking Pipes Concrete?

We are proud of our cutting-edge production plant, which has the following amenities:

  • Advanced concrete batching plants
  • Steel fabrication units
  • Automated casting systems
  • Humidity and temperature controlled curing chambers

Quality Assurance Process:

Our rigorous quality management approach serves as a testament to our constant dedication to quality:

  • Strict examination of raw materials for premium steel, cement, and aggregates.
  • Precision reinforcement fabrication that is automated and guarantees exact alignments.
  • Computerized batching of concrete to ensure strength and homogeneity.
  • A carefully regulated curing procedure that ensures maximum strength increase.

Principal attributes of our concrete jacking pipes:

  • Strong compressive strength: Designed to support large jacking loads while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Water-Tight Joint Sealing: Leak prevention through seamless joint connections for continuous operation.
  • Smooth Exterior Finish: A smooth exterior finish improves overall performance by enabling frictionless jacking.
  • Strengthened body: A reinforced body ensures long-term durability and optimized structural stability for each project.
  • What distinguishes us is our commitment to offering unique solutions for each job. Our in-house engineering teams collaborate closely with clients, taking into account variables like operating pressures, crossing length, jacking loads, and soil conditions to create custom solutions that address the particular difficulties presented by each project.

Projects across india:

Major projects like oil and gas pipelines, trenchless utility crossings, and subterranean metro tunnels have used our jacking pipes concrete all over India. As a company focused on innovation, our goal is to use state-of-the-art production technology to produce long-lasting, high-performing RCC jacking pipes concrete.

Innovation-driven manufacturing:

Being industry pioneers, we welcome innovation at every turn. Our dedication to state-of-the-art production techniques is a reflection of our future vision, one in which Kalokhe Pipes' RCC Jacking Pipes will always be associated with exceptional performance and robustness. As your go-to source for jacking pipes, choose Kalokhe Pipes and Precast Industries, where innovation, quality, and experience come together to provide the framework for a smooth future in the development of subterranean infrastructure!